Our Morinville and Area in photos

Our Morinville & Area is an opportunity to view life through our community members’ lenses. Photos can be taken in Morinville and the surrounding communities in Sturgeon County or even cool photos from places our readers have visited. The photo pages are wide open on possibilities. Each month we will select one photo as the choice of the month. That reader will receive a $100 Shop in Morinville gift certificate. They pick the Morinville News advertiser and we lay down the cash in the form of a gift certificate. Send your high-resolution photos to editor@morinvillenews.com.

In August The Morinville News received many photo submissions for our monthly contest; so many that we had to carry some over to September editions. But of those photos we ran in August, Katie Campbell’s photo of a bee pollinating a flower (left) was chosen as the reader photo of the month. Katie has $100 to spend at any of our advertisers.

Jean Wichowski sent us three photos this week: her delphiniums, which are a vibrant blue with pink centres.

Her bountiful crop of yellow zucchini on one plant.

The bluejay that regularly visits her garden for his daily feast of peanuts.

Jeanne Hudson of Legal sent us this shot of purple martins that have grown so much they have taken over the second nest their mom and dad built for them. She tells us the birds are now learning to fly.

Wilma Van Herk sent us this great shot of a hummingbird in her garden.

The second…

…and third of Wilma Van Herk’s photos of hummingbirds in her garden. See page 1 for another of her photos.

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