Letter: Please pick up your poop

Dear Morinville.

I know we all love our dogs, but part of having a dog is picking up the poop! I know their are many good dog owners, [so] this is to the ones that don’t pick up the poop. I am tired of picking it up,or stepping in it.

When your child takes your dog for a walk they should come home with a lovely bag of poop. I am a dog lover [and] have three. And yes I pick it up, and yes it smells, but it is a law in the Town or Morinville and comes with a [monetary] fine for not picking it up! This is not just for yard; it includes fields, playgrounds, [and] green spaces. I can just imagine the dog park 🙁 if you can’t pick it up in your neighbour hood.

Please pick up your poop and keep this town clean!

– A Morinville Resident

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  1. I concur. On any given day you can take a walk around Fish and Game or the Skate park area and find dog “poop” that the owners have left behind. That dog park is gonna be disaster if this keeps up. How about some enforcement?!

    • Yes, and don’t forget about the goose droppings! Where is the enforcement for that? Time to lock those darn geese up also, or there will be a real disaster!

  2. We live in the Lakes in Morinville.
    Our back yard is not a bathroom for our German Shepard.
    We have green space out back so we always take her there and definitely always pick up her poop!

    We have neighbors that don’t.
    From our window…we can see all the dog poop in their back yard.
    What troubles me is…their kids are running through it to go to the trampoline.

    I don’t know what quite what to do about it.

    Any advice would be great.

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