Curling looks back and ahead at two seasons

curling - van b-2
The Gary Van Brabant team with Doris Bulger were on hand to accept the prize as the winners of the Tuesday Night Mixed League team, presented by President Gary Kearns.

by Lucie Roy

The Morinville Curling Club held their Season Registration and Season Wind-up at the Curling Club Friday night. The first night of curling for the 2014-2015 season is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 6.

The evening included the presentation of a number of awards from last season.

curling - gaetz-2
Janet Gaetz accepted the prize on behalf of Suzanne Douziech, the Wednesday Night Ladies League Winning team.

curling - ray como-2
Mike Hutchings was presented the Ray Como Sportsmanship Award by President Gary Kearns.

curling - mixed-2
Friday Night Mixed League winners for 2013/14 Gary Van Brabant, Doris Bulger, Patti Morin and presented by President Gary Kearns. Moran also received the Aimee Flynn Congeniality Award and the Terry Boisvert Sportsmanship Award.

Not present was the Mitch Stolarchuk team, the Thursday Night Men’s winners.

Other awards included the The Aimee Flynn Congeniality Award, presented to Patti Morin and Nadia Hutchings.

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