Letter: Roastee pleased with roast

roast8On behalf of the Cust family, we thank the Morinville Lions Club, the roasters and the attendees for the heartfelt tribute on Sept. 20.

My wife, children and extended family and friends are still awestruck by the classy, respectful and fun event celebrating the Morinville Lions Club 65th Anniversary and Roast.

The residents of Morinville need this club to be strong and respected so they carry on taking care of those issue and tasks that help make Morinville a vibrant community and sets Morinville apart from other communities.

To Lions President Francis, Coordinator Selena Turner, and all the other members of the Lions Club and volunteers, we thank you from the bottom of ours hearts for providing an opportunity to share stories about myself, our family and the community that I have called home for 56 years.

However, the stories shared confirmed that the past helps create the future and the cooperation by all service groups creates community.

The appreciation and love my family felt will never be forgotten! The money raised for the Alberta Fire and Injury Reduction Safety Trailer is a great start to Chief Boddez’s project with the Alberta Fire Commissioner.

Long live the community we call Morinville, the volunteers who often ignore the “No, you cannot do that!” or sometimes break the rules to do what is right for the community.

With the utmost respect and love for all who volunteer,

Ron Cust,
the family and friends who always have and still support my crazy ideas.

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