Editorial: What to do when you see a school bus


The Basic License Driver’s Handbook has the following to say on school bus dangers: “The greatest danger to the safety of students on a school bus happens when motorists pass a bus while it is loading or unloading students.”

So what does that mean?

It means you stop.

It’s really not that difficult, and the Alberta basic handbook spells it out in a few words – too many for a tweet, but not too many for a Facebook post. Feel free to share these words there. “When approaching a school bus from either direction [on an undivided highway], check to see if the bus operator has turned on the alternating flashing amber lights. If they are on, you must be ready to stop. Once the bus comes to a stop to load or unload students, its alternating flashing red lights will come on. You may also see a stop sign extended from the left-hand side of the bus. You must come to a complete stop before you reach the school bus.”

Not should stop, possibly stop, maybe stop or stop if you feel so inclined. It says you MUST stop.

Now one would think this should be common knowledge to anyone who has been given the privilege to drive a motor vehicle, and yet we see time and time again on the various Facebook venting pages that someone slowed but didn’t stop or drove right past when the little red stop sign was extended and in plain site.

The fine for passing a school bus is $402.00 and five demerits. If that is not incentive enough to perhaps get up a little earlier, stay a little more focused, and obey an important traffic safety law, then perhaps giving consideration to the tragic circumstances that failing to obey the law could bring might.

Slow down and take the time to make sure everyone arrives to their destination safely, and please do not pass school busses when you see little red stop signs or flashing red lights.

– SD

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I see people NOT stopping on a daily basis as I wait for my child to get off the bus.

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