Column: Joe Morinville

joethumbI’m running one thing short this week on my list, but I hope you enjoy these thoughts and comments.

1 Missed the Ron Cust Roast two weekends ago, but I hear his friends Jerry Gaetz and Eddie Bulger gave him some good grief about what he was like as a youngin. Like I said a couple weeks ago, he was a cocky kid back then. I heard most of the jokes at his expense were pretty good, but there was one about the caterer having a heart attack that didn’t go over so good.

2 Speaking of physical ailments, I read where a woman in Florida wasn’t happy with the pair God give her and decided to have a third breast added so she’d be less attractive to men. For starters, I don’t think she knows men too well. Apparently she didn’t want to date any more and decided this would be the way to do it. My guess is she’ll get triple the date requests now. Update: Learned later the third one was fake because someone stole it. I like it when weird news stories get even weirder.

3 Speaking of boobs. I don’t go to Council meetings. All I know of what the Magnificent Seven is doing is from what I read in this publication and a couple of the others. That ain’t much. It’s been darned near a year and I’d like to hear about something getting done of even better see something getting done.

4 Now Jim Prentice gets something done. In just a couple days he sold a bunch of airplanes, scrapped a stupid lincense plate change and got Danielle Smith’s knickers in a knot. Mind you it don’t take much for that to happen.

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