Letter: Festival Chair thankful

rocktober3Thank everyone for a fantastic October festival weekend.

The Morinville Festival Society is very grateful to all volunteers, sponsors and friends who pitched in to help out with this weekends festivities!

Help came from far and wide.  From local service clubs, businesses, entertainers, town staff and volunteers.  Many showed us they were our friends.  

Seeing children smiling, musicians rocking three different stages, crowds gathered around the Morinville Monster and the library raising over $3700 is so fulfilling to Festival Society committee members.  

Morinville has built a name in the surrounding communities as a place to expect first rate local and regional entertainment as well as a close nit community with a generous spirit.  We are so pleased at the great attendance of both the Friday Oktoberfest hosted by the Town of Morinville and the Saturday Food and Jam Festival hosted by the Morinville Festival Society.  We are grateful for the deep support of the entire Community who attended and helped out this weekend.

Paul Smith
(Morinville Festival Society Chair)

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