Column: Joe Morinville


It was a good week last week to be German or pretend you are German for the night. That Octoberfest event at the cultural centre was real good even if the lineup was long and made the missus impatient.

1 That Kelley from Kelley’s Deli and Bakery done a good job feeding all the people what came for free potato salad and sausages because I think there was way more than was expected.

2 There was quite a few what came dressed in German clothing with the little hats and shorts and what not. It’s good when people get right into the spirit of the event.

3 I liked the dancers well enough and you don’t get to see much of that kind of stuff anymore. Of course I seen my share of weird dancing back when Oscar and I was single and used to cruise the Frontiersman on the weekends. Mind you most of the funny dancing was me and Oscar when we was drunk.

4 The German singers was good but a fellow at our table said they was a Barbarian band. At least that’s what I thought he said. But the missus said it was a Bavarian band. So I said what’s the difference between a Bavarian band and a German band and the fellow said about a keg of beer.

5 Speaking of beer, it was great to try a couple of beers that weren’t Canadian beers, but they run out of beer before I could try any more. The missus said that was a good thing and that drinking less beer would do me well.

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