Morinville cats showing at International Cat Show

Morinville resident Angela Ewing with her cat Snow Sprite, a 2-year-old solid white Oriental long hair that has won quite a few finals. Below: Ewing with Mendo Tate who has travelled to Denver, Sacramento, Nevada, Washington, many parts of BC, Alberta and is a Supreme Grand Champion Alter and a three-time regional winner.

by Lucie Roy

Some local cats and their owner will be entering a high profile competition later this month. The International Cat Association (TICA) Northern Region 16-ring Championship and Household Pet Show will be held Oct. 25 and 26 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Ramada Conference Centre on Kingsway Avenue in Edmonton.

Morinville resident Angela Ewing will be entering her cats Snow Sprite and Snow Runner in the long and slinky breed group. While showing in Calgary, Snow Sprite, a 2-year-old solid white Oriental long hair, did extremely well achieving two championship titles. Ewing said she is especially proud of Snow Sprite’s son Snow Runner. Snow Runner became an international winning cat and proud dad. Ewing said he is well on his way to a lifetime achievement award and it all started in Morinville.

But her current focus is on the upcoming event. “The event is a 4-ring double-format show, which means the cats will be judged in the morning and then again in the afternoon – differently. The judges remain the same but the format for judging changes from specialty to all breed,” Ewing explained of the upcoming competition, noting the show is licensed for up to 125 cats with exhibitors presenting from Alberta, British Columbia and Washington. The TICA Northwest region includes Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Wyoming and in Canada Alberta, B.C. Northwest Territory and Yukon.

Ewing believes the upcoming show will have a higher turnout. “This show, being a memorial to our past president Kathy Byram, may bring more people up as Kathy was very involved with TICA and well known in the Edmonton Cat Fanciers Club on our continent.”

Bev Bethowski, a member of the Edmonton Cat Fanciers, said a cat show is not something you see every day in Alberta and encouraged people to come out and take a look. “This might be an interesting feature to take in,” she said.

The Halloween cat show, hosted by the Edmonton Cat Fanciers Club, will also have some cats and kittens brought in by the Hervey Foundation for adoption, some of which will be from the Morinville Veterinary Clinic. Additionally, the event is the place to be to learn about cats, take in the competitions, adopt a cat and buy toys for cats at home.

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