Police Briefs

Emergency Complaint

RCMP received an emergency complaint in the Sunshine Lakes neighbourhood Thursday evening. Corporal Martin Gerard told Morinville News approximately four vehicles were dispatched to the area with lights and sirens engaged. On arrival police found the nature of the complaint was unfounded.

Two-vehicle collision

RCMP, paramedics and Morinville Fire responded to a two-vehicle collision at the intersection of 99 Avenue and 102 Street Thursday night around 6 p.m.

Corporal C. Mailloux of the Morinville RCMP Detachment said the department responded to the 911 call and found one of the vehicles on its side on their arrival.

“There was a Dodge Journey heading east on 99 Avenue, and a pickup truck heading south on 102 Street. The pickup truck failed to stop at the stop sign and basically T-boned the Dodge Journey, causing it to flip over on its side.”
Mailloux said there were no injuries in the Oct. 23 collision, and that the male driver of the pick-up truck was charged with failing to stop for a stop sign.

Halloween Safety Tips

submitted by Sgt. Mark Mathias

Halloween is fast approaching, and young trick-or-treaters are often so excited by the fun that they forget to follow basic safety rules. Here are a few tips to help keep youngsters safe.

Tips For Children:

– Never trick-or-treat alone. Always walk with an adult or a group of friends.
– Make sure you can be seen. Wear reflective, bright colour costumes, or fasten reflective tape to your costume or bag. Avoid masks that restrict your vision.
– Only visit well-lit houses.
– Don’t go into the house for your treats; always wait outside.
– Don’t eat any treats until an adult has inspected them.
– Carry a flashlight so you can see where you are going.
– Don’t criss-cross the street or run out from between parked cars.
– Always go down one side of the street, cross at the corner, and then go down the other side.
– Watch for cars pulling out of driveways and backing up.
– Watch for open flames from jack-o-lanterns and displays.
– Don’t trample through gardens or bushes. Always use pathways and sidewalks.

Tips For Motorists:

Halloween means there will be children on the streets. Drivers need to use extra caution. With the excitement of Halloween, children may forget simple pedestrian safety rules.

– Drive slowly in residential areas where children are more likely to be trick-or-treating. Reduce your speed and stay alert.
– Slow down and proceed with caution when entering and exiting driveways or backing up.

Tips For Homeowners:

– Keep your home and doorway well lit.
– Clear sidewalks and pathways for safety.
– Avoid using open flames in any displays.

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