Column: Joe Morinville

You folks what know me know I’m a pretty even tempered guy what doesn’t get too upset and always tries to look at the positive side of stuff. But there’s some stuff that got me good and upset this week. So without farther ado, here is what’s got me madder than a meat eater at an all-you-can-eat vegan buffet.

1 Two soldiers got murdered and people were still posting on the darned Facebook complaining page about how they got shorted some of them little donuts or got the wrong coffee at the Timmies. For crying out loud. When the heck did people become so self important that getting shorted three little balls of dough sets them off to complaining for the whole world to see in a week where two of our nation’s finest got killed? If you did any complaining about stupid unimportant stuff after what went on in this country last week, you need to take a look at yourself in the mirror and realize that’s what a selfish idiot looks like. You’ll need to pull your head out of that part God give you to sit on first.

2 And speaking of complainers. I’m pretty tired with some of what I’m reading and hearing about the government offering a new school to the Catholics. This town is growing pretty quick and it is plain to anyone with a lick of sense that there’s a lot of little ones running around. They need some place to learn, don’t matter if they go to the Catholic school or the public one. The way some of youse parents are reacting and making up stories about the ones that got a school promised and the ones that want one promised to them too makes me want to talk my kids into home schooling their kids. We darned near split this town in two a few years ago and we got past it. Didn’t anybody, locals or government learn anything from that experience? Maybe everybody ought to sit down and have a chat over a cup of coffee or a good stiff shot of booze.

3 The driving in this town is getting right out of hand. I see the police got to remind people AGAIN that you got to stop for a school bus when the lights are flashing. Then I hear a car wound up on its side down 99 Avenue there by the arena because someone run a stop sign. Someone’s going to get killed sooner or later if we don’t start watching how we drive. People speeding. People going round the corner on two wheels. People not looking out for old folk like me crossing the road with my dog, and the neighbour’s if she lets me take him for a walk. I don’t want to get hit.

4 But if that happens, it’ll be the Town’s fault or the MLAs fault or the Premier’s fault or the Wildrose’s fault or the police’s fault or the peace officer’s fault or my dog’s fault or my neighbour’s dog’s fault or my fault. But it won’t be the fault of the lunkhead what had their foot on the gas and their eyes on their cellphone. No. It’s never their fault.

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  1. “don’t matter if they go to the Catholic school or the public one.” – might as well simplify things and save ourselves a bunch of money and make all the schools Public then.

    No? Why? Is ‘Freedom OF Religion’ suddenly a more important Right than “Freedom FROM Religion’? No it isn’t (and the Canadian Supreme Court agrees). Parents have a Right to a Public education FREE from religion – stop saying that isn’t important, because to many it is.

    Funny how Freedom OF Religion is taken so seriously, yet Freedom FROM Religion can be casually denied by simplistic ignorance.

  2. I agree with Luke’s comments wholeheartedly but there’s another point worth mentioning here. The present issue isn’t with regards to the “little ones running around”, it’s the older children from grade 8 and up who have no option for public education in Morinville and in some cases, no option for ANY education in this town. As I understand it, some non-Catholic children have now been turned away from the ONLY junior high school in Morinville.

    Joe Morinville, you actually had a good point when you said, “they need some place to learn”.

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