Concert shows diversity of arts and cultures

by Morinville News Staff

The 21st Annual Unity in Diversity Concert will take place Nov. 8 at 7 p.m. in St. Albert’s Arden Theatre. The show, organized by the Baha’is of St. Albert, promises a diverse selection of performing arts, including Trincan Steel Orchestra, Project Saxophone Quartet, Karim Gillani Sufi Ensemble, Edmonton Festival Ballet, a Chinese dance group, a Sri Lankan dance group and pianist David Fraser.

Organizing committee member Renie Zeitz said attendees can expect a concert featuring diversity in the performing arts with a chance to experience and enjoy music and dancing from a variety of countries. “The best language in the world is music and it has the power to touch people’s hearts and this can help to unite people,” Zeitz said. “The concert is dedicated to engaging people in the arts to bring understanding and harmony to the community, the country and the world.”

The concert takes place the Saturday prior to Unity in Diversity Week (Nov. 10-16), a week proclaimed by St. Albert Council. Zeitz attributes the ongoing success of the kick-off concert to the community and the surrounding area that have embraced and supported the annual show. “It is a special evening with a variety of artistic presentations and cultural entertainment followed by a reception and refreshments,” Zeitz said. “People tell their friends how enjoyable it is and many people come in a group to enjoy a special and memorable concert.”

Zeitz said the purpose of Unity in Diversity Week is to help build positive relations amongst all Canadians, to strengthen equality for all people, and to promote the eradication of all forms of prejudice. “It is hoped that people will consider what steps they can take to bring this principle in to the arena of individual and collective action,” the organizer said. “Hopefully this week will result in patterns of positive interaction between people of many diverse backgrounds.”

Tickets for the Nov. 8 concert are $15 per person and can be bought at the Arden box office 780-459-1542 or Ticketmaster – 780-451-8000. For more information call 780-460-8408 or email