Memorial tree recognizes fallen military

A memorium tree has been set up at Town Hall. Residents are invited to wear a poppy in honour of a specific member of the military killed in the line of duty. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

by Morinville News Staff

A memoriam tree has been set up at Town Hall in recognition of nearly 200 members of Canada’s military that died in the line of duty during the Afghanistan Mission. The tree was put up Nov. 3 by two Morinville residents, Lauri Ann and husband Jeff [last name withheld].

Lauri Ann, who has served overseas, spent two weeks crocheting the nearly 200 poppies that were put on the tree, each with a hand-written name of a soldier, sailor, and air force personnel killed in the line of duty, as well as one Canadian civilian.

According to the Town of Morinville Facebook page, Lauri Ann assisted in sending 13 of Canada’s fallen home and the poppy project is part of her therapy.

The Town of Morinville is inviting residents to view the tree and take a poppy to wear in honour of the fallen.

The Department of National Defence has a web page with biographical information on the fallen at

Anyone wishing to make a donation in honour of fallen soldiers can do so through Wounded Warriors at or at any poppy box.

koenig   tree

Above: Margaret Koenig selects a knitted poppy from the memorial tree. – Lucie Roy Photo

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  1. Thank you for your previous service and for your ongoing service, regardless of what form it takes. Great display of respect.

  2. Morinville has always been strong in its support of the military community. This is lovely and thoughtful project the will raise funds for those needing support and is a fantastic way to honour the fallen. Thank you for your service and BZ!

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