The Week in Photos

Here is some of what our cameras caught last week.

The Mayor’s Club
More than 80 Grade 1 students from Morinville Public School visited Mayor Lisa Holmes in Council Chamber Nov. 3. The students were the first to become part of the Mayor’s Junior Mayor’s Club initiative. While in Chambers, students played games, including Name that Councillor. Additionally, the Grade 1 students took an oath promising “to love and care for the Town of Morinville, to keep my community clean and safe and to be kind and respectful to every person that [they] meet.” Mayor Holmes will be hosting Grade 1s from Ecole Notre Dame and Morinville Christian School in the future.

– Photo Courtesy The Town of Morinville


Great day for Scouts
Matt Maier of Alliance Pipeline presented 1st Morinville Scouts with a cheque for $3000 Nov. 5 during the organization’s Wednesday evening gathering. The monies will be used to buy snowshoes, winterized tents and other equipment the scouts are in need of. The donation is the third Alliance Pipeline has made to the youth organization.


Owen Eschuk learns the Scout handshake from Beaver leader Mike Anselmo.


Owen receives his scarf as the final part of his being invested into Beavers. He was one of a number of local children to take part in the investiture ceremony.

cree (
Relay recollections
Grant Cree, PPCLI Public Relations Coordinator spoke at the Nov. 5 Rotary Breakfast about his six-week trip this summer with the soldiers who brought the PPCLI Memorial Baton to 23 cities and towns. Cree said the Memorial Baton Relay (MBR) travelled from Edmonton to Ottawa and the baton was transported by 50 solders from 2 PPCLI. The Baton held a copy of the Regiment’s Roll of Honour with 1,866 names of fallen PPCLI members.

– Lucie Roy Photo


We Day
Students from all over Alberta participated in the WE day at the Calgary Saddledome. Featured entertainers included; Neverest, Alyssa Reid, Virginia to Vegas, and Nikki Yanofsky.


Seventeen of the students from MCHS participated in the WE day in Calgary to learn about empowerment and community service.
– Lauren Stromner Photos

HOWLS lunch 01
One HOWL of a lunch
Principal Todd Eistetter and Vice Principal Wade Michael help serve the HOWLS lunch to the selected students at MCHS who show Honor, Ownership, Welcoming, Leadership, and Safety.

– Lauren Stromner Photo


Plant tour

Notre Dame Grade 4 classes took their turn touring the Morinville Municipal Seed Cleaning Plant Nov. 3 and 4. Teacher Dolores Ricard said it was part of their Social Studies Natural Resources in Alberta curriculum under farming and industry.

Seed Cleaning Plant Manager Joanne Borle said the plant is more than 60 years old and one of the oldest businesses in Morinville. The plant is one of 73 in Alberta and they have performed in the top five for the last few years. They process more than 1.3 million bushels per year and are the only one in Alberta with two plants under one roof and one of only three plants certified organic.

Above: Notre Dame student Ava Jensen looking at the seen screen.


Municipal Seed Cleaning Plant Manager Joanne Borle was demonstrating with miniature screens how the equipment works to clean foreign matter from the grains.

– Lucie Roy Photos

Gil Reisling as Hank Williams.

Andrea Anderson as Tammy Wynette perform in the Louisiana Hayride show at the cultural centre Friday night.


The Louisiana Hayride was a live radio show broadcast from the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium and broadcast on KWKH Radio from 1948 to 1960. About 400 local and area residents came out to see that live show recreated on the cultural centre stage. The independent production combined the songs of Hank Snow, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson and a number of other country legends. The three hour performance moved on to Vegreville Saturday night and will play in Okotoks Nov. 13.

– Stephen Dafoe Photos

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