Column: Joe Morinville

Instead of talking about my opinion on things, I’m going to talk about people’s opinion on things going on in the news and then give you my opinion on those things. So here goes.

1 So the guy what landed a space ship on a comet got hung out to dry by people on the Internet – just like I did a couple weeks ago. Folks was upset because he wore a bowling shirt that had “scantily clad women” printed on it. I think if you are so smart that you can build a space ship what can land on a comet travelling a million miles an hour, a few scantily clad women should want to wear you instead of you having to wear a shirt with pictures of half dressed women.

2 Speaking of people wearing inappropriate stuff, how about this fella what put on a military uniform and pretended to be a veteran during a Remembrance Day ceremony. Now that’s something we can all get offended about.

He sure got in a lot of hot water and not just from people upset about it on the Internet. He had the news people chasing him around trying to find out why he’d pretend to be a Canadian soldier, got the boot with pay from his work. And now I see the cops give him a bunch of charges.

I don’t know what his reasons could of been. Guess we’ll find out when he goes to court. If you look at all the grown up people running around dressed like people from The Star Wars or like Superman and Spider-Man, you can tell people want to dress like their heroes, even if they aren’t real superheroes like our military. But them people dress like that to show respect to the role models they admire.

Now maybe he was dressing like a soldier to show his respect for our military. Or maybe the sky will turn to the colour of whipped butter. What he did was plain wrong. There is a way we can all dress up and show our respect to our military – it’s called wearing red on Fridays and lots of us do it.

If he wants to dress up like someone from the military, let him go dress up like one of those storming troopers from The Star Wars. That way he won’t offend anyone but a couple of them Jedi guys in the robes. and speaking of robes, maybe the guy in a robe with a gavel will give this fellow a new uniform to wear for a few years in the slammer.

3 I keep hearing from people that we’ve got too many pizza places, coffee shops and liquor stores in Morinville. I agree. I’m tired of having to make three stops to get a coffee, a pizza and a case of beer. So I’m looking for investors to help me open one place what sells coffee, pizza and beer. It’ll make a million.

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