Editorial: Patience is a virtue

Editorial cartoonist Jeff Koterba’s commentary on modern impatience (shown above) is funny because it is a reflection of just how impatient we have become as a society. As the comedian Louis CK observed: We live in a science fiction age and still no one is happy.

We have phones capable of sending and receiving signals from around the world in a fraction of a second, yet we threaten to toss our latest Samsung or Apple product across the room if the app we are using takes a milisecond longer than we think it should.

But our impatience as a society extends beyond inanimate objects made of plastic, metal, rubber and circuitry: it extends to one another.

As Koterba’s cartoon points out, that package ordered only moments ago online should arrive at our door in mere minutes. Shouldn’t it?

Though an absurd cartoon depiction of a real world problem, it is a trend we see in our stores today, particularly at this time of year when frustrations are high and the pressure is on to get all the shopping done and wrapped.

An Internet posting making the rounds on Facebook recently puts in words what many retail employees want you to remember at this time of year.

“Cashiers and associates are only human. They do not create the rules. They are not in charge of their store’s coupons, sales, or discounts. They are often paid minimum wage to deal with all sors of people.”

Let’s remember this. When they ring out their tills at day’s end, they have to deal with the same stress we all are.

Let’s be patient with them.

– SD

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