The results are in from our annual reader poll

Over the past week, we asked our online readers what sections of our publication were most important to them.

This information lets us know where we are, and where we should be focusing our attention in the future.

With the new year ahead and changes on the horizon, this information will be of great value to The Morinville News.

Thank you for participating in our poll.


Below are the results:

First Place
11.53% votes were cast for stories about Community Events

Second Place
11.28% votes were cast for People stories

Third Place (tie)
10.78% – Stories on local and new businesses
10.78% – Council briefs and news stories (budget, bylaws, etc)

Fourth Place (tie)
9.02% chose Editorials / Letter / Opinion Columns
9.02% chose Police briefs

Fifth Place
8.77% found Arts and Culture stories of importance to them.

Sixth Place
7.52% wanted to see school news and photos

Seventh Place
7.02% selected our Joe Morinville humour column

Eighth Place
6.02% want to read about sports stories, including local teams and school sports, in our paper.

Ninth Place
5.01% selected food and health stories (recipes, nutrition, health)

Tenth Place
3% selected Comics and Puzzle Pages among their choices.

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