Police Briefs

Mischief In Morinville

RCMP File 2014-1531370

On Dec. 6, 2014 an unknown person or persons caused mischief to a individual’s vehicle in the area of 98A Street and 99A Avenue in Morinville. The suspects seems to have put what RCMP suspect is orange juice into the gas tank of the victim’s car. The suspect(s) also allegedly put hair extensions in the tail pipe.

Constable Dalton Rouse conducted neighborhood inquiries but was unable to turn up any leads. The RCMP are seeking the public’s assistance in the matter.

On Dec. 5, 2014 a individual on RR 250 reported that a 26-foot to -28-foot flatbed pintle hitch style trailer was stolen from his property as well as a walk behind street sweeper and a Sthil leaf blower pack.

Some of the items serial numbers were obtained and those items were entered on CPIC.

If anyone has any information about this matter please contact RCMP Morinville in reference to file 2014-1525474 or call CrimeStoppers and reference the same file.

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  1. A short time ago I noticed alot of what appeared to be dark orange pop/juice sprayed onto the snow on both sides of Grandin Dr. as who ever traveled around the southern loop of this road. Given where the pop was seen and where the car was vandalized, it pretty much draws a straight line towards the Mac’s Convenient Store. I would ask the store owners to review any security footage they have for anyone buying either a large bottle of orange pop/juice/or slurpees at the time of that event.

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