Police Briefs

by Morinville News Staff

Buckle up this month of face fine

The Morinville RCMP Detachment and their traffic enforcement partners are focusing on occupant restraints this month, paying close attention to whether or not seatbelts and child restraints are being used. They will be conducting roving patrols and check stops looking for those who are not buckled up.

In a press release sent out by Morinville RCMP, Corporal Sheldon Robb said occupant restraints are “a simple action that could make the difference between life and death.”

Police say seatbelts reduce the likelihood and severity of motor vehicle injuries because the belts distribute the force of a collision evenly to the stronger parts of a person’s body.

In a crash at 50 kilometres per hour, an unrestrained person, weighing 80 kilograms (176 pounds), will strike whatever they hit first with a force of 2,785 kilograms (6,215 pounds). Because airbags deploy at excessive speeds, police say it is important for people to be properly positioned to avoid injury from the supplemental safety devices.

The fine for not wearing a seatbelt is $115. Drivers are also responsible for making sure children under 16 wear their seatbelts and restraints.

For more information on the province’s occupant restraint regulations, as well as safety tips for parents visit www.albertaseatbelts.ca.

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