Kubínek is a master of the impossible

Above are some photo highlights of the show.

by Stephen Dafoe

There have been several one-man shows on the Morinville community Cultural Centre’s stage over the past four years. Tomáš Kubínek’s Mar. 20 was arguably the funniest.

Kubínek refers to himself as a master of the impossible and bills his shows as a “collision of theatre and music-hall.” He promised a one-man show that was theatrical, very funny, and based in the traditions of vaudeville and the art of the fool. He did not disappoint. In fact, Kubínek’s show was so well received it warranted a standing ovation.

The 50-year-old performer was born in Prague, smuggled out of the country at the age of three, and moved to St. Catherines, Ontario with his parents after a few months in an Austrian refugee camp. It was in Canada that the five-year-old Kubínek saw his first circus and soon developed a fascination with clowns, magic and the theatre.

That passion remains alive today and is mixed into a show that mixed some traditional magic, intellectual humour, and some physical dexterity that left the audience applauding. A highlight of the show was a bit of acrobatic ukulele playing that involved Kubínek going to considerable contortions to drink a glass of wine.

Whether it was his banter with the audience or dragging them onstage to be part of the show, Kubínek’s wit and talent provided an enjoyable experience.

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