Mascot naming and mural unveiling mark school celebrations

by Lucie Roy

Ecole Notre Dame School continued their celebrations of 150 years of Catholic education Mar. 19 with another demonstration of school pride. The elementary school unveiled a new school mural as well as revealed the name of the school’s husky mascot.

“The unveiling of the mural is a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase where we are at as a school and it is a legacy item we want to leave in the school as a symbol for the 150th anniversary of Catholic Education,” said Principal Raymonde Roulston. “It was prepared by all of our students. They had a part in it and it is something to represent the 150 years.”

Teacher Shelly Walline was the artist and one of the teachers who coordinated the creation of the mural. The mural was created in partnership and funding from the Grade 4 Recycling Program, Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools and the family of Bill and Sandy Haun.

mural3“The idea of the mural is about Growing and Learning in Catholic Education and they want the kids to make a title for the mural,” Walline said, adding the circles represent the leaves of a tree.

The teacher said the name of every student in the school in on the mural. She went from class to class getting students to paint the circles. Each grade level had a different colour as their background, and the students painted their circle and their name.

Grade 4 students Paige McPhee, Tanis Baker, Hayden Roddis and Ryder Arcand unveiled the mural. Three members of the Green Team: Calandra Maskoske, Sofiya Chvojka and Alyssa Enns spoke at the unveiling.

mural2“The Green Team would like to thank you for your participation in our mural,” said student Calandra Maskoske.
“The mural represents all the growth each and every one of us strives for every day,” said student Sofiya Chvojka.
To further demonstate that growth, the Green Team gave out packets with a sunflower seed inside. “We are going to distribute a thank you gift to each of you. Plant it, water it well and watch it grow,” said Green Team member Alyssa Enns.

The school’s mascot appeared at the end of the presentation and students cheered to learn the mascot was named ENDY, a phonetic pronunciation of the capital letters in Notre Dame (EN-DY).The name came about as a vote from all the students. Each class submitted names and the selections were whittled down to six. From there they voted for their favourite name.

Principal Raymonde Roulston said the mascot was chosen from the students in the past two years. “Students chose the husky because it is in the theme from MCHS to Primeau to us. MCHS has the wolves, Primeau the coyote, and we went with husky,” she said. “It is all in the family. We have a mascot now.”

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