Adoption event offers hope animal lovers can find some bunny to love

by Stephen Dafoe

Though the Easter bunny will not arrive until Apr. 5, Infinite WOOFS Animal Rescue Society (iWARS) and Noah’s Ark Pets and Supplies are teaming up for Bun-a-Palooza a week earlier.

The event takes place at the local pet shop Mar. 28 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and offers people an opportunity to learn about adopting a rescued rabbit.

The two organizations see rabbits as “curious, affectionate, adorable pets” that would make an excellent addition to any family, and are hoping people will consider adopting a rabbit as a family pet.

The Mar. 28 event will offer those considering adopting a rabbit the chance to see all of the rescued rabbits.

Morinville resident Brandi Robinson is a rabbit foster with Infinite WOOFS. In addition to
fostering rabbits, she also fosters cats and dogs for the rescue. She is also a dog coordinator for iWars and helps out with the small animal fosters.

“I think rabbits are great pets because they are very affectionate and low maintenance,” Robinson said. “They are very social and always ready for a cuddle or a run around during floor time. They don’t require walking or grooming daily and can be kept in all kinds of homes. Plus they are quite comical animals with distinct personalities and are great with kids and great starter animals to teach kids responsibility.”

Robinson said there are currently 18 bunnies up for adoption from a single mother, Sugar Momma. Rabbits have two uteruses. Sugar Momma’s two litters were born a week apart in December. All of the rabbits come spayed or neutered.

Most rabbits are litter trained if they are older rabbits but are easy to train as adolescents.

Organizers point out those adopting rabbits will not be able to take them home that day. iWARS have a detailed adoption process, and they encourage those with questions to contact them at

In addition to learning about and seeing the rabbits currently looking for homes, the pet store
will have a number of rabbit-themed activities for children to enjoy.

For more information on Bun-a-Palooza, call 780-934-2973.

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