Cultural Centre adapting Morinville Rant and Rave page as a musical

by Morinville News Staff

RANT AND RAVEAfter years of bringing in a variety of cultural performances, the Morinville Community Cultural Centre has decided to take a cue from social media and put something everyone can relate to on stage. They have contracted the Morinville Misanthropes to adapt the Morinville Rant and Rave page as a musical. The show will take place Aug. 21 at 7 p.m.

“We’re truly excited to bring this evening of snark and schadenfreude to our stage,” said CAO Debbie Oyarzun. “We’ve spent endless hours in the office reading all the comments that people post when they are upset about getting the wrong coffee or when some store clerk gave them the wrong change. We think that translates directly to the stage. The only thing our staff think is missing is putting it all to music.”

Although the Morinville Misanthropes were eager to have a paying gig, Community Development Coordinator Allen Jacobson said an obscure musical group from Edmonton, which no one has ever heard of, would perform all the musical numbers.

“The Misanthropes’ cast can scarcely act, let alone try to sing,” Jacobson said, adding he will be lead trombone in the performance.

“It’s going to be a great night of ranting and raving and trombone playing. Si se plaindre est de la people muse, laissez-les écouter mon trombone. That’s French for ‘If complaining is the people’s muse, let them listen to my trombone.’ Wenn beschwert ist, die People muse, sie lassen meine Posaune anhören. That was the same thing in German. The show will be performed in English, French, and German because those are the three historic languages of Morinville.”

The evening performance will consist of three acts. Act One will be a medley of general complaints
about poor service in local businesses set to a full orchestra of children scraping their fingers on chalkboards. Act Two will be about Morinville’s worst drivers. Appropriately enough, car horns and alarms going off will comprise the music for Act Two. Act Three will be a musical rant about rants. It will consist of an opera singer singing the words of the rant as the verse. A choir of seniors will then sing a chorus of the “Wamp Wamp” sounds adults in Charlie Brown cartoons make.

Additionally, each of the three acts will have a brief intermission, during which a rave is offered and immediately shot down by 30 or 40 people in a hostile fashion.

Organizers are hoping Morinvillians will get off Facebook long enough to attend the show.

“We hope people will put a little Joie de vivre into their weekend and come to our show,” Jacobson said. “If they do not like it, they can always rant about it on Facebook.”

Tickets for the performance are $25 or 50 Facebook likes and three post shares. The Morinville Community Cultural Centre apologizes but Tweets are not acceptable currency for the upcoming performance.

Had this been a real news story, you’d have read it on first.