Letter: Regarding The Chamber Directory

Morinville & District Chamber of Commerce and its Members are proud to present our 2015 Business Directory to the region. The publication is a service to our business community.

The Chamber of Commerce had gathered information from various domains that are available to the public. We, at the Morinville & District Chamber, have received various calls regarding a few errors and omissions. The town has also received phone calls regarding the Chamber directory. Please forward all calls and concerns to Diane, our Chamber Administrator at the Morinville & District Chamber of Commerce. These items will be corrected in our online version of the Business Directory by April 30th.

This Chamber directory was not published nor directed to be published by the Town of Morinville or any of its departments. It is solely the responsibility of the Chamber to publish, print and distribute this publication for the benefit of our members and the regional business community. If you have not received a publication feel free to stop by the Chamber office to pick one up.

Diane Mineault,
Administrator Morinville &
District Chamber of Commerce

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