Column: Joe Morinville

Got back from Arizona to find a lot of things have changed in Morinville and in the province of Alberta, too. Decide to go away for the better part of the winter, and things seem to have fallen apart without me. Guess things just run better when Joe’s around.

1/ I see the Town sure took long enough to tell everyone where they was going to build this new rec centre people here have been talking about since as long as I can remember. Seventy-seven acres is a lot of farmland to build stuff on. Of course the way things go in this town, they’ll probably spend the next four years talking about it and then the next bunch what gets elected will decide to do something else with it.

2/ Speaking of folks getting elected, first thing I saw when I got back was that Danielle Smith lost her run to run for the PCs after leading the Wildrose and chucking in the towel to go be part of the party she bellyached about for so long. Looks like the floor crosser got double crossed. Of course, some of them Wildrosers crossed the floor so much it must of looked like they was getting their exercise.

3/ The Wildrose also got a new top boss just when I got back. Brian Jean beat out a couple other people whose names I’d never heard of any more than his. All I can say is he looks like Archie Andrews from the Archie comic books. Seen the first thing he did was fire one of his candidates for something ignorant he said at a rally. Guess they learned last election you can’t have a bunch of Jugheads running around saying stuff that’s not popular with folks.

4/ I see too that this rag’s lefty columnist and freelance reporter Tristan Turner is running for the NDP in the next election, whenever that might be. It’d be pretty easy for me to make a couple cracks about that, but I’m pretty pleased to see the NDP are running someone who lives here. Before they’ve run people what not only didn’t live here, but I’m sure they had never even visited the town. And that includes during the election. Nothing worse than a politician looking for a paycheque without showing up for work.

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5/ Speaking of paycheques — it looks like some folks are going to have a little more off the top of their cheques if they make enough to pay health premiums and more tax. It’s enough to make you drink, and you’ll pay more for that luxury, too.

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