Editorial: Volunteers left unrecognized – again

The Morinville News understands the importance of volunteers to the vibrancy of our community. That’s why each year we write an article or two to let our readers know it is time to nominate people for the various levels of volunteer awards. It’s why each year we take pictures of the people being recognized and publish them online and in print. It’s why we have chosen to create our an award in memory of one of our greatest volunteers — Paul Krauskopf.

Three years ago, people were late in stepping up to acknowledge those who do so much for so many. Eleven days from the close of nominations, there were exactly three nominations submitted, and two of those were submitted by this publication. None of the three nominations submitted at that point in 2012 were for Volunteer of the Year.
It seems little has changed in three years. There are far fewer nominees than there are potential nominees, despite a call for nominees.

There would not be a puck dropped in Morinville if it were not for volunteers. There would not be a parade go up the street if it were not for volunteers. There would not be one single non-profit organization or service club in this community were it not for volunteers. We all use the services; we all go to the events; we all want our kids in hockey, and basketball and baseball. But we just aren’t stepping up and taking 20 minutes to nominate the people who do so much.

This publication regularly hears from residents about the issues that will destroy the vibrancy of the community. But what will truly destroy the community is unappreciated volunteers being unappreciated for too long. If they stopped giving their time and money, little would happen here.

But that will never happen because those who give their time and money to get things moving will continue to do so because it is the right thing to do. They know if they stopped, there would be no youth sports, no youth programming, no community events, no community organizations. There would be none of that.

It’s time to pay the piper, Morinville. We enjoy the fruits of the volunteer’s labours year round. Nominations closed Mar. 27 and the award ceremony is now at hand. But let’s take a few minutes this week to thank the volunteers who make a difference in our lives and add to our community’s vibrancy. Maybe tag one on Facebook and see how many likes and comments they can get. If we can’t show them our love in the real world, we can at least do it in the digital one.

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