Sturgeon School Division gets update on school space and sites

by Lucie Roy

The Sturgeon School Division’s Apr. 8 Committee Meeting included a few updates on the progress of schools.

Morinville Public to get modulars

Sturgeon School Division Superintendent Dr. Michele Dick provided an update on six modulars approved for Morinville Public School and one for Sturgeon Heights School. Both projects will not get started until the end of the shool year because of usage of the area by children.

Dick said there would be some difficulties with respect to Morinville Public’s six modulars, including placement, access and local permitting.

Meetings have been taking place with Principal Wayne Rufiange, and the Division has been working collaboratively with the Town of Morinville. In addition to the six modulars for this coming September, Rufiange is projecting a similar number the following school year. The Division sees this as problematic due to space, making the need for the new school the Province announced design dollars for critical.

Legal schooling

The Value Scoping with Greater St. Albert Schools, Francophone Board and representatives from Alberta Education Infrastructure scheduled for Apr. 9 and 10 in Legal will be rescheduled after the provincial election.
“Sturgeon School Division had prepared a presentation on behalf of Sturgeon School and was looking forward to the discussion in terms of what might be the potential to ensure that services relative to public, separate and Francophone education are available to the residents of Legal,” Dick said. “That has been postponed until after the election.”

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Location of new School

Vice Chair Tracy Nowak said the Board has a meeting next week with Morinville Town Council to get further clarification on potential school sites for a public junior high school. The Division has a current reserve agreement with the Sturgeon County. The question is – if they request land can the County still provide it.
Both schools divisions – Sturgeon School Division and Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools – are waiting for the $750,000 in planning dollars. None of the provincial money will be released until an actual school site is allocated.

The Town of Morinville’s purchase of 77 acres of land east of Morinville in Sturgeon County has a May 1 closing date. The Divison heard there were no particulars at this time as to whether 20 acres will be set aside for the two school sites required by the two divisions.

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