Primeau students shut up for a day

Above: Georges H. Primeau students Natasha Ladouceur found another way to talk during the We Are Silent event at the school last week.

by Lucie Roy

Father Martin silent

Georges H. Primeau students spent 24 hours being silent this week, all part of the We Are Silent event which falls under the Free the Children initiative. On April 16, those participating went silent for 24 hours for the millions of children around the world facing poverty, exploitation and the denial of their right to education.

At Primeau, the Me-to-We students have wanted to participate in We Are Silent since their first year working with Free the Children.

Every morning this week the school participated with various presentations. Wednesday’s presentations looked at international rights for children, including the right to play and rest. Other segments explored homelessness, child slavery, empowerment of girls and education for women.

“The movement at Primeau is beyond raising funds,” said teacher Dianne Hutton, adding the school had raised well over their $500 goal. “We do raise funds, but the Me-to-We group is now old enough that they really want to raise awareness. They have gone beyond posters and putting them up to using social media in a manner that promotes the cause.”

To be able to distinguish the We Are Silent participants from other students, Primeau received assistance from MCHS students who designed and made buttons students could purchase for $5. On the button students would write what they were being silent for.

Free the Children is an international charity and educational partner, that works domestically and internationally with youth, encouraging them to be agents of change.

Me to We offers students an opportunity to take part in social justice initiatives through a variety of activities, including the annual Me to We Day event.

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