Puppets educate about epilepsy

by Lucie Roy

Two members of the Edmonton Epilepsy Association presented the Kids On the Block puppet show to École Notre Students Thursday. The presentation educated students about epilepsy in an entertaining manner.

Puppet characters Brain, Joanne and Nam were moved through their story by puppeteers Darrel Stephenson and Demmi Connolly.

In Canada, one in 100 people is affected by epilepsy, which is a disorder and not a disease. Epilepsy can develop at any time in life and has nothing to do with mental health or intelligence, students were told.

Students learned hundreds of the world’s greatest historical figures lived with epilepsy, including Julius Caesar, who was the subject of one of the puppet skits.

Stephenson and Connolly emphasized what to do when someone has a seizure. Students learned it is important to stay calm, move away from hard or sharp objects, and to not hold the person down or put anything in the person’s mouth. If the person falls and is shaking – gently roll the person on their side, send for help and stay with the person.

The students also received an activity booklet to learn about epilepsy.

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