Column: Joe Morinville

Read there was only 150 what turned up for the All-Candidates Forum the Chamber and the Rotary Club put on with the Teachers’ Unions. I did a little search on the last forum that was put on by this rag and seen there was “approximately 400” came out to that one in 2012. The picture shows people sitting in the pulled out bleachers, so I know there was lots more than this time. A friend said there was only half the cultural centre used. So here’s some of my thoughts on it all.

1/ Back in 2012 it was Kubinec for the PCs, Link Byfield for the Wildrose, Leslie Penny for the Liberals, Lisa Grant for the Evergreens, and Trudy Grebenstein for the NDP. Almost twice the candidates ran in that election and almost three times as many people came out to hear them speak as this time around. People aren’t interested in this election.

2/ Now I could blame the Chamber and Rotary for doing a lousy job of promoting the event, and I heard some do just that. But there was a lot going on that night. Some folks stayed home to watch the leaders talk about math. Some stayed home to watch all the TV shows on before the hockey game. Some stayed home to complain about stuff on the Internet. Some didn’t know there was an election going on in Alberta. People aren’t interested in this election.

3/ This rag uploaded a bunch of video of the three candidates talking, and from what I can see when I go to the Youtube is no one what missed the forum seems to give a damn about what was said at the forum. I was the 19th person to watch the video about oil revenues and how the PCs have spent the Heritage Fun like drunken sailors. People aren’t interested in this election. I hope I’m making the point here that people aren’t interested in this election.

4/ And while no one was caring about the local forum, the Internet went nuts over Jim Prentice taking a cheap seat shot at the NDP leader about math. Everyone apparently said it was sexist. He said he was making fun of her because of the NDPs making a billion buck mistake on their budget figures. But the mad mob said it was sexist, which I think is sexist. He was being rude and there ain’t no law against that last I heard. People aren’t interested in this election, just maybe waiting for opportunities to get huffy and upset so they can make it a #smashtag for their Twitter and Facebook nonsense.

5/ All the papers was saying Notley won the debate on TV, and I sure figure she held her own against Prentice. I wish Raj had been there instead of David Swann. I think Swann is a fine fella, but even though Raj would of gone off in a million directions and said the same things as always, he wouldn’t of kept looking at his notes or drop them on the floor. People aren’t interested in this election; newspapers and TV outfits are.

6/ Joe’s interested in this election. I’m calling it locally at 45% coming out to vote, and the Wildrose guy winning it by 200 votes. I also predict our illustrious MLA to come in last in the polls, at least here.

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  1. Calli – I agree with you – 100%…

    Knowing my feelings re: the three local candidates, I for one was much more interested in not only WHAT the leaders had to say but, more importantly, HOW they said it.

    For my money Notley came out on top – by a WIDE margin – while Prentice blew every opportunity to convince folks that he (and his party) deserve yet another chance to steal even more money from your average “look-in-the-mirror” Albertan. Most unfortunately (from a personal perspective), the Wildrose leader definitely did not distinguish himself during the debate. This in turn gives rise to an impression that this party is going to have to do a much better job locally if they even wish to remain as official opposition.

    Bottom line for me is – time for an “ABC” vote… Anybody But Conservative!

    And young Tristan is looking better every day…

    Have a good one and for goodness sakes – GET OUT AND VOTE!

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