MCHS actors ask – Is He Dead?

MCHS Performing Arts presented Is He Dead? – a new play by Mark Twain. The Wednesday night performance drew about 150 students and family out to see the show. Here is a video of some of our photos.

Posted by on Wednesday, 6 May 2015

MCHS Performing Arts performed their Spring Play Wednesday night, an entertaining rendition of Is He Dead?

The production told the story of French painter Jean-Francois Millet (Mitch Fraser), on the verge of bankruptcy and looking for a way to meet his creditor’s ultimatum to produce the money of hand over the love of his life.

After learning only dead artists’ works sell for lots of money, a plot is hatched to raise the value of Millet’s art.

The production stared a cast of 13 actors playing 14 roles. Anthony Nault. Aaron MacIntyre, Michaela Siemens, Kali MacDonald, Rourke Delaney, Theron Hogg, Sydney Gauld, Emma Wincher, Max Moore, Jared Loseth, Zach Ross, Leith Hutton, and Mitch Fraser all brought Twain’s comedic play to life.

Is He Dead? is referred to as a new play by Mark Twain. The work was written by the well-known satirist in 1898, but remained unpublished until 2003. The play was first performed four years later when David Ives adopted the play.

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