MCHS / GHP Track and Field event tests skills

Above: Nathan Critchley does the high jump during Thursday’s MCHS and GHP Junior Track Meet. See pages 12 and 13 for more photos from the event.

Here is our video gallery of photos from yesterday's MCHS and GHP Track Meet. Photos by Lucie Roy.

Posted by on Friday, 15 May 2015

Lucie Roy Photos

Morinville Community High School and Georges H. Primeau held their Junior Track Meet Thursday, offering students the opportunity to be tested in a variety of track and field events.


Brooke Froment, Madison Hunt, Laura Stalzer, Faith Christie, Alycia Benjamin, Alicia Brost, Alicia Diberardino and Quinn Vervynck head for the finish line for the Intermediate Female 100 metre.


Makayla Lesy does the long jump.

Charity Collinge takes part in the shot put.

Karina van Brabant participates in the Senior Girls’ Turbo Javelin throw.

Jordan Dorland crosses the bar in the Senior Boys’ High Jump.

The Junior Boys Triple Jump second place ribbon went to Nicholas Onyschuk and first place went to Travis LeBlanc.

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