Letter: New MLA offers his thanks

Dear Editor:

As the newly elected MLA, I wish to express my thanks, and at the same time, reaffirm my dedication to effectively represent our region. My sincere congratulations and thanks to the many volunteers and party workers from each of the parties. Your efforts are so very important because you help ensure lively public debate. It was an honour and pleasure for me to work with our team of Wildrose volunteers. Thank you so very much.

The makeup of the new legislative assembly in Edmonton will be quite different than it’s been in the past. Overall, voters have decided the NDP will hold a majority government.

Voters have also decided that Wildrose will be the Official Opposition. It’s a responsibility my colleagues and I take seriously because legislative opposition is a necessary and essential part of good government. Over the years, legislative analysts have repeatedly pointed out that effective opposition is the only way to ensure the people are accurately represented, because effective opposition is the “chief bulwark” against the irresistible temptation every elected government will have toward using compulsion and what is often called “bureaucratic empire.”

My sincere best wishes to candidates Maureen Kubinec and Tristan Turner.

I wish our new premier, Rachel Notley; Leader of the Official Opposition, Brian Jean and each and every MLA who will be part of the next session of the Alberta Legislature, the very best as they discharge the responsibilities that have been entrusted to them by the people of Alberta.

AD APPROVED BY Ray White (campaign advertising for council)

As your MLA, my door is wide open to every member of the constituency. Please contact me at any time regarding any matter. My job is to listen, represent, and to work with you, and for you.

Yours truly,

Glenn van Dijken, MLA

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