Morinville RCMP not behind phoney CRA collection calls

by Morinville News Staff

Morinville RCMP are advising the community they have no intention of arresting people if they don’t hand over the money some Morinville residents say they have been asking them for.

Some older residents have recently been targeted by a fraudster posing as a Morinville RCMP member.

Constable Peter Tearle told Morinville News the caller is very aggressive in their demands for money. “The person has a very thick accent, and what they’re doing is they’re either saying they are from the CRA [Canada Revenue Agency], or sometimes they are posing as a police officer and saying there is a warrant out for your arrest,” Tearle said. “They’re using this actual address. They’ll say that they require money. They are very aggressive and they will try to get ways for you to pay the money.”

The constable said it is extremely important that residents understand the RCMP do not call people on the phone, never ask for money, and always identify who they are. “We’ll give our regimental numbers, and we’ll go see them face-to-face or make them come here. We just want the public to be aware. It’s of the utmost importance.”
Tearle said the recent scam complaints identified 613-704-1303 as the caller’s number.

Those receiving these types of scam calls should not give any personal information, get a name and a number, and call it into the Morinville RCMP at 780-939-4550.

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