Town testing new crosswalk markings

pubworks2by Morinville News Staff

Public Works crews ended Public Works Week Friday installing some new pavement markings. Morinville Public Works Deptartment employees installed thermoplastic pavement markings at the intersection of 100 Street and 90 Avenue across from the No Frills Gas Bar.

The Markings are made with surface applied and intermixed glass beads to provide both high initial retro reflectivity and better visibility throughout its service life. The material cools and sets rapidly within a few minutes of application.

Although the system costs approximately $2,000 per crossing, it is believed to last for years. The Town currently paints crosswalks twice each year.

The new material will be tested at a few high traffic areas in town, including the crosswalks at the Firehall and at the Husky and Tempo Gas Bar crossing.

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