Letter: Information on Safe Grad

Dear Editor:

The SafeGrad concept has been around since 1990 successfully delivering results so graduates can enjoy themselves without parents having to worry. SafeGrad differs from other parties because it is concerned about the overall safety of the grads. The goal of SafeGrad is to ensure good memories are created while avoiding fights, injury, mishaps (or worse). The concept also allows non-alcohol consuming graduates to mingle enjoyably and safely with others who are of age to consume alcohol at the same function. This option may not be there with uncontrolled parties.

The formal SafeGrad party is being currently planned by a Board and Committee to provide an option for MCHS grads. It will enable our sons and daughters to have fun with their friends after the Graduation Ceremony and Banquet. Note: MCHS school is not involved in any way with the planning and delivery of the SafeGrad function.
SafeGrad is achieved by:

• Ensuring a proper ratio of chaperones to grads (1-2 Chaperones for 10-15 grads),
• Medically trained personnel will be in attendance,
• Transportation is provided to and from the event by designated drivers (either by bus provided or designated parent),
• SafeGrad location is not disclosed in advance to avoid uninvited guests and unwanted mayhem,
• Limiting alcohol usage where necessary and appropriate to avoid contamination or excess consumption. Many grads will be of the legal age (18) and limitations regarding alcohol consumption are in place to ensure desired outcomes for grads and their parents,
• SafeGrad is an insured event,

SafeGrad Board and Committee members want the parents of our 2015 MCHS grads to be aware that there may be many multiple after-grad parities taking place subsequent to the Graduation Ceremony (June 13 at Northlands). We want parents to know which of these parties is the formal SafeGrad party so an informed decision can be made.

Tickets are $10/each (one guest per Grad allowed) and can be purchased until June 2nd by contacting the members below

Information about SafeGrad can be obtained by the calling the following Committee members:

• 780-818-0592 (Tina-SafeGrad Chairperson),
• 587-873-6156(Paul-SafeGrad ViceChair),
• 780-974-5069 (Robyn-SafeGrad Treasurer),
• 587-982-1965 (Brigitte-SafeGrad Secretary).

There is only ONE SafeGrad!!!.

Safe Grad Committee

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