Town and County partner for joint traffic operation

by Morinville News Staff

Morinville and Sturgeon County Peace Officers joined forces with the RCMP June 1 for a Joint Force Operation in the town and county.

The one-day operation resulted in 30 tickets being issued, including a mandatory court appearance. An additional eight warnings and one warrant were executed during this operation.

During the operation, seven drivers were ticketed for speeding in a construction zone when workers were present. Another four speeding tickets were also issued, the highest being 53 kilometres per hour over the posted limit. One motorist ticketed for speeding in a construction zone with workers present was clocked at 32 km/h over the posted limit.

Other violations included two tickets for failing to stop at a stop sign, three seat belt violations, one distracted driving, one unsecure load and six vehicle equipment violations.

Enforcement services are planning to continue the partnership.

“These Joint Forces Operations will continue throughout the summer months focusing on areas of concern noted by Enforcement Officials,” said Morinville Community Peace Officer Sergeant William Norton in a release issued Wednesday. “By performing these operations it allows for a strong focus in problem areas that single manned enforcement cannot match. It also shows the public that all enforcement partners are united in delivering traffic safety messaging to all throughout the region.”

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