MCHS gathers its Champions

by Lucie Roy

The Morinville Community High School Champion Athletic Awards 2014-15 were presented Monday afternoon at MCHS.The emcee for the event was Craig Sequin and Ben Onyschuk.

Twenty students from Grades 9 to 12 were presented with the Champion Howls Award. The 3 Star Athletes for 3 Consecutive years, who particpated in at least three sports at MCHS or Legal for three consecutive years were presented with a three star hoodie, the recipients were Rachel Bourque, Shayla Kachnic, Suzanne VanBrabant and Larissa Van Brabant.The event covered the Team Awards and highlights, 3-5 Star Athletes, Star Athletes for 3 Consecutive years, Howls Champion Award and Coaches Choice Award.


The Coaches Choice Award (above) went to Brandon Dubrule, Katy Krupa and Matthieu Lessard. The award is pPresented annually to a male and female athlete who best demonstrate the qualities of sportsmanship, athletic ability, cooperation, leadership, commitment to sports, strong attendance and good academic standing.

Krupa was recognized as a positive role model for her teammates and the main reason that the Senior Girls Volleyball team brought home the sportsmanship banner. She qualified for Provincials in every sport that she competed in. She has a very welcoming personality and she always has a smile or laugh to share with her classmates and friends.

Both Mathieu Lessard and Brandon Dubrule were recognized as individuals who have been multisport athletes throughout their high school years. Lessard was recognized for demonstrating the determination to outwork and outsmart his opponents in spite of obstacles. Dubrule was noted for embracing the challenge of being relied upon since Grade 9 to start and play almost entire games with his willingness to put in the time to be in the best physical shape.

Both were recognized for the past two seasons as leaders on both the Volleyball and Basketball teams where their leadership on Senior Boys basketball was instrumental in keeping the team alive.


The Grade 9 Junior Girls Basketball Awards presented to Ally Renee for perseverance(most Improved Award), Brooke Froment for Teachable Spirit and Amy VanBrabant for Most Valuable Teammate.


The Track and Field Perseverance and Dedication Award was presented by Coach Maslyk to Sam Ringuette.


The Senior Girls Basketball Most Valuable Teammate Award was presented to Noemi Morin. Morin was also one of twenty students to receive the Champion Howls Award. This was presented to student athletes who best demonstrate the qualities of honour in sport, integrity, sportsmanship, commitment and dedication. Honour on the court, demonstrates sportsmanship, pride of achievement and respect for teammates, coaches, opponents and officials. Ownership to the team and in the school through grades and attendance and team first attitude. Welcoming and accepting, supportive and inclusive towards teammates. Leadership model through positive efforts and attitude and leader on and off the court. Safety that contributes to an environment that benefits others. And cares for the team and school.


Grade 9 Male Basketball Award for Dedication was presented to Steven Vansevenandt.


The Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball Awards were presented to Nicolette Diberardino for Most Determined and Focused, Daniella Diberardino for Team Leadership Award, Shayne Weiss for Diligence and Perseverance Award and Chantelle Morin for Most Consistent and Reliable Award.


The Male Senior Track and Field Athletic Excellence Award was awarded by Coach Maslyk to Justin Kulbisky.

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The Senior Male Basketball awards presented to Pat Akle for Most Improved, Brandon Dubrule for Most Valuable Teammate and Matt Lessard for Dedication Award.


Senior Badminton Awards presented to Chelsea Critchley and Ashley Pelletier for Perseverance Award and Katy Krupa for Excellence Award.


The Junior Boys Volleyball Awards presented to Matthew Haun for Most Valuable Teammate, Bryan Fleming for Positive Award and Zach Froment for Most Valuable Teammate. Zach Froment and Bryan Fleming were also recipients of the Champion Howls Award. All three were also MCHS Grade 9 three Start Athletes.

The Junior Girls Volleyball Awards presented to Brooke Froment Dedication Award, Amy VanBrabant Teachable Spirit Award and Karina VanBrabant Perseverance Award. All three were also recipients of the Champion Howls Award.


The Senior Girls Volleyball Most Valuable Teammate Award was presented to Hailey Cornelis. She was also a recipient of the Champion Howls Award.


The Cheer Team Awards presented to Danielle Rivard Perseverance Award, Madison Plsek Most Versatile Award and Kayla McLaughlin Most Passionate Award. Madison Plsek was also a recipient of the Champion Howls Award.

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