Letter: Is food bank reform needed?


I am thankful that the food bank is there to help those in need and grateful for those who donate to it. However, I believe that as it is run now, it is doing a very limited job of helping. I know a single mom who has two boxes of random canned goods of low nutritional value. Fresh items such as meat, dairy and produce seem to be in short supply at the food bank.

I heard on CBC Radio of a few places where they don’t pay rent for a building to house “food” of dubious value. Instead, they give people gift certificates so they can go to a store and buy real food for their families. This way they maintain their dignity and autonomy in what they can provide for themselves. Why can’t we do something like this in Morinville? The Food Bank’s limited four hours a week access must be very inconvenient for some people with transportation issues.

It hurts to see people you love suffering, even getting sick because of hunger. Reform is long overdue in the food banks of Canada.

Thank you

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Cheryl Stewart
Sturgeon County

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