Morinville looking for the best local gardens

by Stephen Dafoe

For almost a decade, the community’s best gardens have been showcased in July with prizes and the bragging rights that come with being labelled a winner in the Best Gardens Competition.

Now in its 8th year, Community Development Coordinator Allen Jacobson is once again putting out the call for nominees. Deadline to nominate a garden is July 17 and judges will make the rounds July 25 between 9 a.m. and noon.

“I think it is a great opportunity to acknowledge the gardeners we have, the people that are interested in beautifying not only their part of the town but the town, in general,” Jacobson said. “You see the pride they take in their gardens, in their property, and in their town by extension.”

Vegetable Gardens are a new entry this year based on feedback from the judges during the 2014 contest. “We noticed that a lot of backyards had vegetable gardens,” Jacobson said, adding the judges felt it was a missed opportunity. “We noticed fantastic gardens and thought to add it to the contest this year.”

Judges will be looking for quality, variety, and design when judging the new vegetable garden category this summer.

The Unique Container Garden can be a single container or a group of containers. Containers could exhibit a few different species; however, organizers say the judges will also consider the use of a single specimen.

Front Yard/Garden Aesthetics will have judges awarding points for the first impression of a residence and the front garden area. Judges will be looking for a front garden that is welcoming, functional, balanced and appropriate for the home.

The Outdoor Living Area category has judges looking for more than a deck/patio with nice furniture. Judges will be looking for areas that demonstrate how to maximize the enjoyment of a specific area in the outdoor living space even through the changing weather patterns.

Emphasis on design elements and the variety of plant material, as well moisture retention, will be the criteria judges will use in awarding the best Perennial Garden category winners this year.

Regardless of the category, residents have less than a month to nominate themselves, a neighbour, or simply a garden they admire on the drive to work.

Nominations are available online at or at Community Services office at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre (9502-100 Avenue). Nominators can also contact Allen Jacobson at 780-939-7832 or

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