Town passes slew of land-use and related bylaws after public hearings

by Tristan Turner

Following public hearings for each bylaw, Council passed 2nd and 3rd reading of land-related bylaws 9/2015, 10/2015, 11/2015 and 12/2015.

Bylaws 10/2015, 11/2015 and 12/2015 are all associated with a new development in the Notre Dame area of Morinville off of Grandin Drive.

Administration described the development as a medium density development of small multi-floor semi-detached homes with detached and attached garages. It has been compared in density and style to the more recent Village Champlain developments on the north end of town just off of 100 Street and 105 Avenue.

In order to construct the development, a narrow strip of municipal reserve land that is a part of Notre Dame park will need to be redistricted for the development, with a new section of public open space (POS) that is slightly larger to be opened just south of the development.

Bylaw 9/2015 had to do with a change in a property along Maisonneuve Street and Forget Avenue that is in the Coeur de Morinville area of town. The property changes from a single-family dwelling to a vertical duplex structure with a detached three-car garage.

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