Cultural Centre gets literal with their latest flower bed

Sebastian Spila shows off one of the flowers to be planted while Community Gardens volunteers plant the bed.
– Stephen Dafoe Photo.

by Morinville News Staff

The Town of Morinville put their Growing Together tag line to the test July 8 by teaming with the Morinville Community Gardens, Morinville Greenhouse, Hi-Q Greenhouse, and St. Albert Greenhouse to erect a flower bed in front of the Morinville Community Cultural Centre.

Town employee Guy Maltais built the 10 by 15 flower bed, complete with headboard and footboard. Flowers donated by the three greenhouse operations were planted in the bed Wednesday night, offering visitors and passersby a fun sight that is a piece of organic art.

“This is a unique project,” said Laurie Stalker, Cultural Services Manager. “The intention of the flower bed is to not only tie in with the 2015 Communities in Bloom, Incredible Edibles, and Best Gardens Initiatives, but to become a unique public art piece.”

In addition to the donated flowers, the flower bed will house a number of vegetables and herbs, providing another location in which residents will be able to harvest edibles as part of the Incredible Edibles Program.

The Town has a number of Incredible Edibles locations where residents can pick produce as it is ready for harvest: 100 Avenue has mixed herbs in planters. The rear garden of the Town Office has a mix of salad and vegetables, including onions and celery. The East Entrance garden bed has a mix of salad and vegetables, including parsnip. The North entrance bed has raspberries and rhubarb. The Fish and Game pond area has a mix of salad greens and vegetables, including potatoes, cabbages and mint, as well as raspberries and blueberries. Perras Place, next to Town Hall, has a bed of squash. Saskatoon berries can be found on the South Glens trail and in Notre Dame Park. Apples, cherries, and plums are on the trail.


Public works moves the giant bed into place. – Lucie Roy Photo

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