Nature Kids looking for fellow tree huggers

by Stephen Dafoe

For the second year in a row, the Nature Kids Club are embracing their love of all things natural and the fact some people refer to people like them as tree huggers. The group’s Tree Hugger Photo contest opened recently, and they are looking for more photo submissions before the contest closes Aug. 31.

Entering is simple — just take a photo of yourself or your family hugging your favourite tree, and submit it to the group by email at or via their Facebook page. Photos will be posted on the group’s page, and the number of likes will whittle the entries down to five, which will be judged by group members to determine winners.

“The purpose of the Tree Hugging Contest is to get families outside enjoying nature,” said Nature Kids organizer Leanne Boissonnault. “It’s getting in touch with nature. With the Hug A Tree Contest, we are trying to find a unique tree, so when they are out in a park, they are more aware of the trees around them.”

Boissonnault said there were prizes from Home Hardware, RV City, Sal’s Famous, the Town of Morinville and Country Floral Magic.

The club has received seven entries to date. They would like to surpass the two dozen entries the contest received last year. Although the deadline is Aug. 31, Boissonnault said it is important to enter early as Aug. 31 is also the last day people can vote for photos by liking them.

Skylar Boissonnault, a club member for the past two years, said the contest is fun, and she hopes people will take part. “It gets you out into nature, and not on devices like TV and games and things that aren’t nature,” she said.

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