Town and community group partner to peddle their plants

Above: Jackie Rheubottom was busy planting flowers for the project. In the background, some of the bikes nearing completion. Below: Sebastian Spila works on his pot of flowers before they ar placed on a bike.
– Lucie Roy Photos

by Morinville News Staff

Plants and bicycles met volunteer hands Aug. 5 at the Town of Morinville and Morinville Centennial Community Gardens gathered to do something decorative and green in honour of last weekend’s Tour de l’Alberta cycling event.

“The two groups converted old bicycles into planters,” said Allen Jacobson, adding the work bee converted the pieces into whimsical and creative, conversation pieces. “These pieces of art are a great example of community sharing, spirit and pride.”

The art works were on display at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre and throughout the Town during Tour de l’Alberta and will be out for the Aug. 12 Communities in Bloom judging event.

“We hope this is the beginning of an annual Bike Planter event and are looking forward to similar green projects and collaborations,” Jacobson said.


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