Letters: An Open Letter to Our Chamber of Commerce

Approximately two years ago, on August 14th, 2013, you issued a “press release” where it was reported:

“… Without delving into any specifics in the release, the Chamber says they believe the goal of obtaining a doctor can materialize, and plan to issue a five-step plan in the coming months.”

My comment at that time, which was scoffed at by more than one detractor, went something like this:

“Motherhood and Apple Pie” comes to mind when discussing the desire to attract a full-time physician to Morinville, but issuing a ‘press release’ AT THIS TIME and without ANY details as to how this might be accomplished, seems to be just a little unhelpful!

I really look forward to the issue of their ‘five-step plan’ in the coming months, which will (hopefully) include the extra costs to be incurred by the taxpayers of this Municipality.”

OK, ladies and gentlemen of the Chamber of Commerce – where’s the plan?

I do realize that you never told us just how many months it would be before your plan was released but, come on folks two years does seem to be a little long for us to wait. Good thing we weren’t holding our breath wasn’t it?

Unless you’ve totally given up on this particular “plan” (read: dream), now might be the opportune time to let us in on the secret – as was promised two years ago. Heck, even one or two of the five steps you promised would be a start!

Have a nice day and I look forward to hearing from you, hopefully, days and not years from now!

James O’Brien

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