Town says chemical spill posed no environmental or human risks

by Morinville News Staff

Nearly seventeen litres of spilled paint on 100 Street Monday afternoon closed the road for three hours but posed no environmental or human risk; the Town told media Wednesday afternoon.

Morinville RCMP received a call Monday afternoon around 3:30 p.m. about a chemical spill on 100 Street in the area of the industrial park. Morinville Enforcement Services was asked to attend the call.

Peace Officers detoured traffic to avoid motorists driving through the spill until it could be determined what it was. Five containers or paint and paint thinner fell out of a truck’s box and spilled into the southbound lane.

Although the driver of the truck and the company worked to contain and clean up the spill, the driver faces a $776 fine for driving with an unsecured load.

The Town says a large number of drivers drove around road blockades, ignoring Peace Officer direction. Those drivers face further charges.

Calls were made to Morinville Public Works and the Provincial Dangerous Good Information Centre, the latter agency confirming there was no environmental or human risk concerns.

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