Week in photos

In bloom
Sunflowers burst and bloom in a Morinville Garden. Last week Communities in Bloom judges visited the community to do their evaluation.

– Stephen Dafoe Photo


Fairy Garden
Averie Leduc contemplates her fairy garden during the Herbology class at the library Aug. 10. Val Loseth, the Wheelbarrow Gardener, showed children the ropes as part of the library’s Harry Potter themed summer reading program.
– Stephen Dafoe Photo


Harvest time
Farm equipment sits at the ready in a field between Morinville and Legal.

– Stephen Dafoe Photo


Volcano science
Natasha Ladouceur adds some coloured vinegar to her paper mache volcano to make it erupt as Danielle Smith observes the experiment. Concoctions and Reactions was last week’s Summer Camp theme. Participants spent the week launching teabag rockets, dropping Mentos in Coke bottles, and other activities in the name of fun and science. Strict supervision was used.

– Lucie Roy Photo


Let the games begin
Volunteer Lisa Gerla plays a game of What Time Is It, Mrs. Werewolf? with Lexus and Jayla-Jean Letto. Summer games of a different sort took place around Morinville Friday. The Library’s Harry Potter themed summer reading program took pariticpants outside the library for an afternoon of activities in the Tri-Wizard Challenge with stops at playgrounds and parks, including Morinville Public School, Rotary Splash Park, Lions Park and the Community Gardens.

– Stephen Dafoe Photo

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