Radford back as Catholic School Board chair

by Morinville News Staff

Morinville resident Noreen Radford is back as board chair of Greater St. Albert Roman Catholic Separate School District No.734. The board held their organizational meeting Aug. 31, a meeting that included an election for Board Chair and Vice-Chair for the 2015-2016 school year. Joining Radford is St. Albert Ward Trustee Rosaleen McEvoy, who will serve as Vice Chair. Both women were elected by acclamation.

“It’s a privilege to be re-elected as Chair and to know that my fellow trustees have the confidence in my leadership in representing our communities,” Radford said in a release. “This will be an exciting year for our District as we begin the groundwork for the construction of two new schools; a K-6 in Morinville and a K-9 in St. Albert. I’m blessed to be part of an outstanding District that achieves at the top provincially and to have the opportunity to expand Catholic Education to many more families in our communities with the opening of new schools.”

Radford went on to say the District’s families value the importance of education and faith in their child’s development as future citizens and leaders in our communities.

Radford and McEvoy are joined by St. Albert Trustees Dave Caron, Joan Crockett, and Serena Shaw, and Legal Ward Trustee Cathy Proulx.

A by-election will take place this fall to replace Morinville Ward Trustee Brendan Kaup.

The board of seven trustees represent 16 schools in the District.

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