Holmes new principal at Morinville Learning Centre

Above: Morinville Learning Centre Math and Science teacher Bill Crittenden, Social Studies and English Teacher Adele Johnson, Admin Assistant Tanya Sloan, and new Principal for the Morinville Learning Centre and Sturgeon Learning Centre Thomas Holmes. Absent from Photo Counsellor Miranda Candie and Admin Assistant Debi Thomas.

by Lucie Roy

Morinville Learning Centre’s new Principal Thomas Holmes said there were lots of students attending the centre this year.

“We have students that are in High School that are upgrading classes, taking course work here because traditional classroom setting is not best for their learning,” he said. “This could be students that want to go through a course faster than they might otherwise in a regular classroom.”

Holmes said there were also adult learners coming to the centre to upgrade courses to get into college, university, or technical schools.

“We have older adult learners that never graduated with a diploma and want to come back and finish their diploma because they made a promise to themselves or to the family that that is something they would do,” he said.

Homes said the Learning Centre reflects flexible learning for everybody.

“We meet students and adults at the level that they are at and we help them to achieve those goals,” he said. “We have students that will work from home, that will pop into the Learning Centre and drop off their work for marking, but at the same time, we have students that will call our teachers on the phone and say, ‘I am stuck on this section on my assignment; can you help me,'” he said. “The students have the flexibility to come in even if they work from home to get the help they need.”

The centre also offers summer school. One does not have to be a Sturgeon School Division student to take courses there. Students from any jurisdiction are welcome.

Each year approximately 175 to 200 students go through the Morinville Learning Centre. This year they are forecast about 175 students by the second semester.

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