Letter: Cardiff Road not a problem road

I have read with interest the article on photo radar on Cardiff Road.

I have been in the transportation business for over 40 years and this is one of the most cash cow situations I have ever seen.

There is absolutely no safety concern on this road.

People exiting South Glens have a stop sign and the rest of South Glens is all fenced.

The people performing this stupid duty hide in their vehicles ( usually at the same spot ) and when driver’s become aware of certain vehicles, they change to different vehicles ( but this is not a cash cow).

In order to catch so called speeders, they moved the 50 kilometre sign further eastbound and westbound where there is just open fields.

Maybe the City should do an evaluation of the personnel in charge of such idiotic speed zones and hire people with some common sense.

Dave Hayes

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  1. Kudos Dave, well said. You just expressed what 90% of the people in Morinville feel. But it seems that they “apparently” failed to show up at the vote to eliminate this boondoggle.

  2. Right on Dave… Say does anyone know if Linda Lyons received a reply to her questions re: photo Radar on Cardiff Rd. and DS’s Trickery????

    • No formal response to any of my questions, but didn’t really expect any.

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